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El pañuelo

Gatica’s choreo challenge 💃🏼

Win prices worth up to 280€ !! 🏆

Full access to more than 160h of my online program
1st price – 3 months access
2nd price – 2 months access
3rd price – 1 month access

Follow these steps to WIN:

1. You will get access to 4 online classes (free FREE)
2. Learn the choreo and make a video
3. Upload the video as a post on Instagram with the #Gaticachallenge and tag me (@bygatica)
4. Share the post in your story, with the same # and @
5. Have this uploaded before 20:00 on November 24th
6. November 25th I will announce the 3 winners on Instagram

I hope to see many beautiful videos 😍
Good luck my beautiful power women 💋